Saeed AlSuri

Hello ..

I'm from Oman .. composer arranger song writer .. I have contemporary music I'd like to share with you and hope that you will like .. I have few on you tube of my compositions and songs ..

I'd like that you play my music on your concerts or for study purpose for students  ..

I thank you for helping me get my music known ..


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  • Al Boshiya
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Wishful thinking

06.11.2013 Article

Hello there .. I'm very happy to find that my page is been visited and some of my music is  downloaded .. there one seems to be very popular .. may be the visitors are Oboe players .. who know .. they never leave any comment so I don't really know who they are .. So I wish if I can get some comments from the downloaders about the music they downloaded .. it's free any way .. so leaving some small comment after trying it .. it will be very nice I think .. but alas .. that might be my wishful ...

At Last .. someone did download my music

08.06.2013 Article

At last someone did downloaded my music .. but I don't know who did .. they did not leave any comments or hints .. or maybe mention there names so I can remember them in my well ... HaHaHa.. I wish the main pages has the counter of downloads instead to got through all the pages to find out which one is downloaded .. Thank you who ever downloaded my music waiting for comments ..

Composers vs Downloaders

04.06.2013 Article

Hello every one .. it seems that most of the members are composers .. and they are seeking to get their music recognized and played by performers .. which is great to have so many composers to get music from .. the diversity is good for music  .. but no feedback from the performers or interest .. makes it frustrating .. still hoping to get some people to look at my music and play it and get some feedback it will be awesome .. Cheers ..

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