Saeed AlSuri

Hello ..

I'm from Oman .. composer arranger song writer .. I have contemporary music I'd like to share with you and hope that you will like .. I have few on you tube of my compositions and songs ..

I'd like that you play my music on your concerts or for study purpose for students  ..

I thank you for helping me get my music known ..


Update of my 1st Arab Spring String Quartet

19.06.2020 News

I've updated the 1st Arab Spring string quartet added few tweaks here and there .. plus I got a better listening file of the piace  with clean glissandos better result .. helps the players to understand the score .. Enjoy .

My new upload to day

18.06.2020 News

My new upload today is the 3rd part of the Arab Spring String Quartet in the collection .. feedback from the strings brothers will be great .. Enjoy.

New upload for Clarinet and Marimba

25.05.2020 News

This ia shot piece for percussion students with woodwind to add to their repertuar . Enjoy.

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